im gggay im Gay im gay s

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hello its me fucking skrillex

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Bwah i feel sweaty and weird i’ll be back when post limits over , Toodle

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Someone you haven’t even met yet is wondering what it’d be like to know someone like you.

— Iain Thomas  (via llogicas)

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oh man i cannot stop shaking my leg i am in for teh ride of my lif


ベルギーちゃん ♥ たはち


ベルギーちゃん ♥ たは
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baby's first words: mama
mra dad: and people say men never face sexism...
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Pixiv ID: 43564992
Member: Humming_Blue


Pixiv ID: 43564992

Member: Humming_Blue

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i keep doing the shaky leg thing

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me nd my gf
me: bb why ur hands so cold
me: tfw
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